Address: Mpourazani, Konitsa
City/Area: Mpourazani, Konitsa
State: Ioannina
Telephone: 26550 61322
Mobile: 6948 438979 - 6932 396108


The farm , "Papageorgiou" is located in the northwest of our country, the beautiful valley of Bourazani, 12 km away from Konitsa and 58 km from Ioannina.

The farm , "Papageorgiou" is located in the northwest of our country, the beautiful valley of Bourazani, 12 km away from Konitsa and 58 km from Ioannina. The company began in 2001 with organic growing of cereals and legumes, especially lentils and beans. We proceeded gradually to flour process and then to pasta making. Today, the combination of production style of Ifestion Papageorgiou with the manufacturing ingenuity of Asterios Papageorgiou has as result a model company with a vertical form of production.

The company produces flour in the traditional way - on our own ground stone mill - withgreat nutritional value and taste. We also produce whole-wheat pasta with specific characteristics. Our main advantage is the environmentally friendly production methodsand that's why our crops are not only organic, but also controlled by a certificating organisation. A wide variety of flours (wheat, corn, barley, oats, etc.) is already available for consumption, pasta with various flavors and contaminants (tomato, safran, eggs, etc.), frumenty in over twenty species (sweet, sour, enriched with various dried vegetables , etc.) and whole grain "chylopites" noodles . We have the prospect to create an even more rich variety.

Our crop is organic to the greatest part of it. Moreover, the production of high quality lentils, beans and other legumes gives great quality to our production activity. We also have a large number of different herbs and spices such as tea, sage, chamomile, oregano, mint, basil, balm etc. Livestock production includes, at this stage, rabbits, hens and a small dairy plant.

At this point, we should mention another important aspect of the activities of the farmreferred to the production of a wide variety of jams and marmalades. The production offresh rose sweet is the most special and important. We produce with great care, a seriesof liqueurs (traditional homemade liqueur) made of plants and trees of the forest (wildblackberries, blueberries, elder, cornel). It is also important to mention the traditional"raki" that we make , which can be drunk with a wide range of special fingerfood, astomato, spicy potato salad, eggplant cooked in hot ash, mustard sauce, okra, etc. In Bourazani there are two stores, from where can every visitor buy all these traditional products.

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