Groats KIERIOU 500 gr
Groats KIERIOU 500 gr
CODE: ΟΣ19562
Producer: AGROLAND
Place: SOFADES, Karditsa

Groats KIERIOU 500 gr.

The grouts Kieriou is 100% milled broken, apofleiomeno wheat.

The Bulgur is a natural product that fits perfectly in the modern diet. It is especially rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates. It is low glucamine index and contains significant amounts of B vitamins that are involved in the proper functioning of the metabolism and the nervous system. It has powerful antioxidants and magnesium, which strengthens the musculature and long-term positive effect on lowering blood pressure. Finally, it contains twice the amount of potassium in relation to pasta and fold relative to the rice.