Tsipouro aniseed flavored TIRNAVOS WINERY 200 ml
Tsipouro aniseed flavored TIRNAVOS WINERY 200 ml
CODE: ΟΙ20518
Place: TIRNAVOS, Larissa

Tsipouro aniseed flavored TIRNAVOS WINERY 200 ml.

Tsipouro of Tyrnavos «The Cooperative» – From Black Muscat of Tyrnavos.

This magnificent grape marc spirit has made the city of Tyrnavos “leading actor” at the hearts of the traditional “Tsipouro-lovers”. It is a high-quality grape marc spirit, which originates from the exceptional grape variety “Black Muscat of Tyrnavos”, and combines successfully the intense flavor of anise with the soft rose-like flavor of the variety.

It has been awarded twice with golden medal at the International Contest of Wines and Spirits in Thessaloniki, set out by the International Organization of Vine and Wine.

Distillation: After extracting the must from the grapes for winemaking, the grape-marcs of the “Black Muscat of Tyrnavos” are carefully distilled in modern pot-stills, using aniseeds, in order to have this typical, sweet-flavored Tsipouro.

Alcoholic strength by volume: 42% Vol.