Green olive oil (early harvest oil) Passavas 1 lt
Green olive oil (early harvest oil) Passavas 1 lt
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Place: Kifisoy 14, Ag. I. Rentis, Attica
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Green olive oil (early harvest oil) Passavas 1 lt.

Extracted from unripe, green and healthy olive fruit of the Koroneiki variety, harvested from late October to early November. During this period, the unripe olive fruit produce at least 25% less olive oil compared to ripe fruit of the same variety. The flavour is delicate, peppery and particularly fruity while it is characterised by intense aromas. It is extracted in the state of the art olive mill under zero oxidation conditions and temperatures after the fruit is crushed to a pulp never exceed 18 °C.

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Αvailable from
Producer: Αvailable from
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